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luxurious classic essentials -
100% bamboo rib knit beanie
100% usa made organic fleece beanie
100% usa made organic fleece hoodie

100% usa made organic pullover fleece hoodie

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introducing the official doegirl book club, starting things off with three books packed with information:
1. overdressed: the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion by elizabeth l. cline
2. to die for: is fashion wearing out the world? by lucy siegle
3. deluxe: how luxury lost its luster by dana thomas

the concept of the doegirl book club is simple: start reading.
either purchase new directly from the author, try your local library, or purchased used on amazon or other vendors.
many used books go for as little as one cent, not including shipping.

this is me inviting a community to join along - participate with the doegirl message and take action and learn the truth behind how many brands at large produce your clothes.
launching doegirl was largely a reaction to stop the immorality of the supply chain, trashing of the environment, and corporate greed.

i have been obsessed with the environment, creativity, and fashion since an early age. i began using fashion as a vehicle for communication early on in life because i found the medium relays an everyday message in the most effective manner: aesthetics.
finding out through both education and life experience about the filthy side - the decidedly opaque information that is hidden, the two things that are largely ignored by consumers and sometimes designers: slimy product production and the dirty supply chain - infuriated me. using education and experiential knowledge, i initiated my own counteractive actions to fight against the sickness. fast fashion, even some luxury brands who are now abusing the system, are unsustainable in the big picture.
the choice is yours. choose well.

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last pieces to conclude doegirl pre-fall 2014 1. magenta 100% wool loose turtleneck shift dress with pumpkin burnt orange 100% double knit details
2. magenta 100% wool turtleneck sweater pullover top with pumpkin burnt orange 100% double knit details
exclusive one-offs at sample sale wholesale prices
only one of each in existence
never to be produced again ending off my activewear concept for the season (see archives), rounding things off with functionality and sophistication
providing two different fits, two different individual approaches and preferences towards an everyday, "active" lifestyle throughout the process of making my compact doegirl pre-fall 2014 collection, i have been digesting the concept of "sports" and "activity" in modern lifestyles ... as i have stated, i quite find myself living one ... this was somewhat unbeknownst to me until i started consciously realizing really how active i am : walking from point a to b, errands, generally finding my way about a city turf, etc.
perhaps naturally - because i see so many people (especially the youth) wearing it, blogging about it, idolizing it - i started analyzing the "not-a-fashion" brand 'adidas'
i'm not really sure what's up with my generation hyping this brand as "cool" ("ironic" ??? ... that post-modern-y "thing" that just got really over-saturated, dull and tasteless - pointless - after a while) i find the aggression and distortions behind the brand definitely not cool or something to be endorsed by wearing their clothing for whatever specific fashion/"art" statement
... what i found especially not cool was the abuse and manipulating control over women - 90% nike sweatshop workers being young women and girls - in the factories (to citate, general facts and statistics : 1, 2) ... because i am female and make clothes as a profession, i personally feel extreme sympathy and concern about the idea of myself getting trapped in that sort of double-bind ... i always think seven generations ahead : supporting third world human abuse could come back to haunt the comfortable lifestyles of the first world, united these are feelings i needed to express ...
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two more one-off sample sale designs to nearly culminate doegirl pre-fall 2014, the final designs for sale coming soon ... saving my personal favorites for last
1. pumpkin burnt orange 100% cotton double knit with magenta 100% wool knit contrast trim and peter pan collar mini dress tunic top
2. magenta 100% wool knit with pumpkin burnt orange 100% cotton double knit contrast trim and peter pan collar mini dress tunic top
both are essentially the same design, orange a somewhat smaller size with magenta more of an "oversize" fit
walking/existing around some parts of california i notice a lot of people - if not everyone, depending on the particular county or city - wearing active/loungewear and knits (some are not local to the state though, in all fairness)
i also continuously notice the manner of "styling" has grown a little bit too casual and repetitive ...
i personally have a very feminine and sometimes "girly fun" process of seeing and approaching the world - a perspective which permeates its way into my designs - therefore with these two looks i thought i would give the casual activewear look a bit of a feminine and fun kick with just enough of a versatile "dressy" appeal, keeping a comfortable and active value intact ... i am taking baby steps into gradually introducing my own fresh, new outlook to the "active/loungewear" means of living (an intrest introduced in the debut post of doegirl pre-fall 2014) ... break the mold, liven things up
just enough of a retro vibe influenced by my girl for pre-fall 2014 mel c (see debut post) - done with a much more modern cut, style, and fabrication
wear them as dresses, cover-ups, tunic tops, over pants/shorts/leggings, day-to-night ... layer, it's the way we live !

check out both of these rare one-off designs, both at exclusive one-time-offer wholesale sample sale prices, here and here what do you think ? do you yourself wear active/loungewear, see a majority of others where you live wearing it, or enjoy this means of dressing for its comfortable and functional benefits? and a quick concluding note : make sure to subscribe to become an official doegirl e-mailing list insider, as beginning after this post the campaigns will become 100% private to subscribers only with secret store coupon codes attached to every campaign
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